Information for Federal Dispatch Fires

When dispatching on a federal fire, whether with an engine, or as a single resource you have some responsibilities.

If possible send your Resource Order to District's Administrative Assistant and the Albany County Fire Warden before leaving for the fire.

Make sure when you de-mob with Finance on the fire that they have correctly entered any apparatus time on the OF-286 before signing.

The County Entity for the OF-286 is ALWAYS "Albany County Treasurer, 525 Grand Ave, Ste 205, Laramie, WY  82070".

Make sure when you de-mob with Finance on the fire that they have correctly entered any firefighter time on the OF-288 before signing.

Upon return home from the fire, please turn in your paperwork to the District's Administrative Assistant in a timely manner, and before you dispatch out to your next fire.  This allows fire paperwork to be processed in a timely manner.

You will need to turn in the following to the District's Administrative Assistant as a complete fire package (incomplete fire packages delay the entire process for payment to you and to the District): 

  • Copy of your Resource Order

  • Signed OF-288(s)

  • CTR's

  • Signed OF-286(s)

  • Equipment Shift Tickets

  • Travel Voucher and any receipts for hotels, rental car or flights

  • Any General Messages or other pertinent information from the fire, such as a lodging letter

  • Copy of your Red Card (if your qualifications change during a fire season, you will need to attach the new Red Card to your fire paperwork so the District's Administrative Assistant knows your rate of pay changed)

PLEASE NOTE:  Electronic Submission of completed fire paperwork to District's Administrative Assistant is preferred

Once the District's Administrative Assistant has received your complete fire package she will review it and put together a spreadsheet that is sent to the District's bookkeeper, who handles payroll. 

The District's Administrative Assistant will also put together the Exhibit B (this is the "invoice" that Albany County submits to Wyoming State Forestry for payment) to the Albany County Fire Warden in the WSF Fire Billing System for approval.  After the Fire Warden approves, the entire fire package is audited by Wyoming State Forestry.  Wyoming State Forestry then meets with cooperators and cuts a check to Albany County for the invoiced amount if approved.  Albany County then cuts a check to Albany County Fire District #1 after approval in a County Commissioners Meeting.

(NOTE:  All dollar figures are approximate until Wyoming State Forestry completes their final audit.)

You can access Wyoming State Forestry Fire Business Office for information on the following:

Wyoming's 2020 Wyoming Wildland Fire Resource Mobilization Guide (Mini Mob)

Travel Voucher

OF286 Invoice

OF288 Incident Time Form

2020 Wyoming Exhibit B Form

Per diem and travel information



Fire Paperwork from an Example Fire


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